Astronomy Research Faculty

Astronomy Research at Western University, Canada

Exoplanets and Planet Formation

In this burgeoning field of astronomy, we hunt for solar systems around other stars in our galaxy. In addition, we study how solar systems and planets are formed.

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We study the formation and development of galaxies using the latest observations from some of the newest and most powerful instruments available.

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Whether to witness meteors entering our atmosphere or to view the Universe in new ways, we develop state-of-the-art instruments to achieve our goals.

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ISM & Circumstellar Material

To study the complex dynamical systems of the ISM or the circumstellar material surrounding massive stars, we use innovative computational modeling techniques.

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Solar System

Our Western Meteor Physics Group focuses on studying the interaction of small Solar System bodies with the Earth using a variety of observational techniques.

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Star Formation

We have particular expertise at Western in theoretical and computational methods for modeling interstellar gas dynamics and star formation.

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From dusty atmospheres to magnetic fields, we research various properties of the stars in our Galaxy.

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Applying complex theoretical methods with increasingly powerful computers allow us to tackle some of the major problems in astrophysics.

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