From Protostellar Disks to Planetary Systems

Final Announcement

We are looking forward to a very exciting workshop. Comments below address some remaining questions that you may have.

Directions to the venue and the final program can be found at

All talks will take place in the Cherry Room of Spencer Conference Centre. Registration will be outside the Cherry Room from 8 am - 8:50 am on Thursday, May 18. There are no posters at this workshop.

If you are giving a talk, please bring it on a USB pen or CD so that it can be loaded onto our laptop for presentation. Please also feel free to email your talk in advance as an attachment to We are able to receive files of at least 30 MB according to our experience and larger ones may not be a problem either. Alternately, you may make your talk available on a server and let us know. It is advisable to send your talk in advance if you are speaking on Thursday morning.

The banquet will be held on Thursday evening in Spencers Dining Room at the Spencer Conference Centre. A choice of meals will be available, including a vegetarian option. A cash bar opens at 6 pm and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm.

Best wishes for a safe trip to London!


Shantanu Basu & Eduard Vorobyov