From Protostellar Disks to Planetary Systems



Spencer Conference Centre, the workshop venue, offers superb accomodations at very reasonable rates, and we strongly recommend it as your place to stay. The flowers and trees on the grounds of this Georgian manor are reaching their peak at this time of year. Truly a great escape.

Guests will be responsible for making their individual reservations and payment of guest rooms by calling (519) 679-4546 and asking for the Physics and Astronomy Workshop. The workshop rate is $115 plus tax per room per night. There is a room block for the nights of May 17 and May 18 and it will be held until Monday April 17, 2006. After this date any guest rooms booked will be sold at the regular rate.

Western also provides accomodations at Windermere Manor, which is a twenty minute walk away.

Accomodations are also available on the Western Campus.

Linda Biddle's Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance.

The full listing of London Bed and Breakfasts.