David L. Clark

David L. Clark


Research: Meteoroid stream modelling.
Detection of meteoroid objects in sky surveys.

Contact: phone: 519-657-6825
              email: dclark56[at]uwo.ca
              rm: P&A 134A

Astronomy and me:

Apart from a CEGEP astronomy course in Quebec in the early 70's, my real interest in astronomy began like many, with a bright red 4" inch diameter Tasco reflector telescope in a camera store window beckoning me to enter. This lead to to my wife Angela buying me a membership into the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 1990. Thus began a 24 year involvement with the Society, holding a variety of positions on the London Centre executive, and finding a real love for bringing astronomy to the people. My service to the Society culminated with my serving as National Treasurer in 2004-2007. I still serve at the national level in a small capacity as a Nominating Committee member.

In 1992 I combined my interest in astronomy education with my career as a self-employed software developer, and began to play with astronomical planetarium software. In 1996 I took my knowledge of real-time 3D computer graphics methods and combined that with planetary positioning work from my planetarium software. ClearSky was born. This 3D simulation and visualization tool has essentially dominated my recreational time ever then. Through RASC connections, and interest in my ClearSky work, relationships were built with the folks in the Meteor Physics group at the University of Western Ontario. I completed my MSc in Astronomy in the summer of 2010, and in 2011 embarked on a PhD in Geophysics within the department of Earth Sciences.