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Astronomy 505 - Winter 2003

Professor Shantanu Basu
213C Physics and Astronomy Building
Tel: 519-661-2111x86706

This is a graduate level course covering the application of gas/fluid dynamics to problems of astrophysical interest.

Lectures :
MW 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm, 213A Physics and Astronomy Building

Course Outline:
Week 1: The Fluid Approach
Week 2: Magnetohydrodynamics
Week 3: Wave Motions
Week 4: Shock Waves
Week 5: Fluid Instabilities
Week 6: Turbulence
Week 7: The Virial Theorem
Week 8: Self-gravitating Equilibria
Week 9: Gravitational Collapse
Week 10: Blast Waves, Winds, and Superbubbles
Week 11: H II regions and Ionization Fronts
Week 12: Numerical Techniques

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