My Research Group

Group Members

Shantanu Basu

Postdoctoral Fellow:
Andrew Pon

Graduate Students:
Sayantan Auddy, Mark Baker, Deepakshi Madaan, Pranav Manangath

Undergraduate Students:
Patrick Hatch

Former Postdocs:
Sophia Lianou, Chang-Goo Kim, Eduard Vorobyov, Carol Jones, Takahiro Kudoh

Emeritus Graduate Students:
Alexander DeSouza, Nicole Bailey, Wolf Dapp, JoAnne Hosick, Raphael Srawley, Marielle Quinton

Emeritus Undergraduate Students:
Kerry Knight, Elizabeth Silber, Adam Vajda, James Wurster, Stephanie Keating, Samantha Flood, Manuel Gil, Cameron Clarence Hopkins, Bartek Ewertowski, Alex Tettenborn, Kaushik Shampur, Anushrut Sharma, Sina Khajehabdollahi, Chaitanya Afle, Danielle Whitfield, Pranav Sharma

Student Opportunities

There are opportunities in this group from time to time for graduate MSc and PhD projects, as well as summer undergraduate research projects.

Graduate students may enter through the Applied Math program, Astronomy program, or Physics program, and also pursue a joint degree in Scientific Computing. The most suitable option depends on the student's background, interests, and funding available through the various programs.