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Alan E. Boone Scholarship

(Faculty of Science)

Awarded annually to the student registering in the second year Physics program with the highest average mark above 80% in the five first-year courses, and a minimum mark of 80% in both Physics and Mathematics. Up to $500.

(First Scholarship awarded in 1989)

2011-12 Jongho Jung
2008-09 Nathan Armstrong
2007-08 Justin Bondy
2006-07 Susan Campbell
2005-06 Manuel Gil
2004-05 Xiaojun Xu
2003-04 Sabrina Chung Sik Yuen
2002-03 Robert Chatelain
2001-02 Sean Gryb
2000-01 Lisa Jong
1999-2000 Renée Filion
1998-99 Ryan Chad Rivest
1997-98 Michael Rubin
1996-97 Michael Mugo Mwangi
1995-96 Doreen Silvester
1994-95 Sharon Clarke
1993-94 No candidate
1992-93 Kimberley Catherine Hall
1991-92 Susan Clare Puddephatt
1990-91 Kelvin Hue Yu Lee
1989-90 Reyer Johannus "Rob" Barel